Monday, 4 April 2016


We love our garden! We got to vote on the things we wanted to plant and then Callum's Mum, Jo came and helped us and gave us lots of advice about planting and looking after our flowers and vegetables. We planted some bulbs, some carrots, broccoli and celery. We water them every day.

The Last Supper

We are learning more about the Mass and the Eucharistic Prayer. Jesus asked us to share His Body and Blood and "to do this in memory of me".
To help us learn more about the time when Jesus said this to his disciples we dressed in tunics and acted out the Last Supper.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Gymnastics Fun

We love gymnastics!! We wrote some "wow" sentences using past tense verbs and added detail to make a picture in the reader's mind:

When I leapt on the trampoline I jumped as high as a bird. It felt like I was flying. I saw everyone.

At gymnastics I swung successfully on the bars and walked across the Pacman balance bars.

I did split leaps on the bouncy trampoline and then I flew into the air.

At gym I did twisties and I jumped high when I was on the springing     trampoline.

At gym I jumped onto the trampoline. I bounced high.

I jumped, twisted and turned on the bouncy trampoline as I flew into the breeze.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Welcome to Room 12's Blog

We are learning how to post our work and share with you at home.

Please visit often and comment on our work.

We look forward to sharing this with you.

Room 12 and Miss Noble